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M/S Kansal & Kansal Agro Farm understand the use and abuse of the antibiotics and their side-effects on animals and birds, therefore, we avoid its use as much as possible and try to use probiotics for making the products more edible.

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Eggs Manufacturer About KANSAL AGRO FARM

M/S Kansal & Kansal Agro Farm, an ISO 22000: 2005 Certified Company, is renowned for manufacturing and supplying a new revolutionary range of Organic Eggs. The company was established in the year 1987, with its prime location at udupi, Haryana. Dr. M. L. Kansal is the Technical Director of the firm under whose headship we have been scaling new heights in our business endeavor. The Organic Eggs manufactured and supplied by us are high on nutrition content.

The company was started under the guidance of Dr. M.L. Kansal who is a Ph.D in Poultry Science and Ex- Professor of Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. After the hard work of 5 years Dr. Kansal has achieved success in inventing an Herbal Odorless Eggs. This is the first egg in the world which does not carry bad and fishy smell. The egg contents are free from antibiotics, pesticides and aflatoxin residues. These eggs are also free from salmonella & coliform bacteria.

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M/S Kansal & Kansal Agro Farm

Ravi Gupta

Kansal Agro Farm provides a high standard of service. They are quick to address questions and concerns and produce quality work.

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M/S Kansal & Kansal Agro Farm

Rahil Ansari

Kansal Agro Farm is our partner and we are quite happy with the work. I see a great future for this company. Keep making happy clients.

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