ln the world scientist have put maximum stress on the nutrition of Hen for better egg production, its fertility, hatchability,growth of chick, grower and layers. Their nutritional requirements in the form of carbohydrate, proteins, fat, vitamins & minerals. Different aspects of proteins (essential amino acids),fat (essential fatty acids),minerals(essential trace minerals) and vitamins (water and fats oil able vitamin) have been worked out. With the result that poultry industry is making progress.

The objectives of the poultry industry and the scientists are to improve the health of human population by providing best possible balanced food. Eggs contents are considered to have 100% biological value. The nutritional requirements of people and hen are on similar lines as both are monogastric animals. The requirement of essential amino acids and essential fatty acid and vitamins are on similar lines. In India, there are vegetarian / non vegetarian people and are more concerned with the smell of eggs and meat. For improving the health of the vegetarian / non vegetarian who are more conscious for the odour, the odourless herbal eggs has been designed.

The hens feed is not having any constituent of the animal resources like bone meal,fish meal, DCP etc. The egg is totally free from obnoxious odour/off odour. The egg is also free from antibiotics, pesticides , aflatoxin residues (these eggs has been tested from TUV SUD South Asia Pvt. Ltd.) and Salmonella & Coliform Bacteria (Tested by GUDVASU Ludhiana) and Our flock of birds are also free from Salmonella (tested by Venky Lab Panchkula)