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Egg Drinks Recipe

Herbal eggs are from farms that feed there herbal supplements in addition to regular grain, so that the 'fishy' smell is completely eliminated. It is not possible to outwardly distinguish factory egg from organic herbal eggs. So ask for the source when buying your eggs. The package3 should say if it comes from and organic farm. But the most important lesson is that if you donât have any source of organic herbal egg in your area, then reduce your egg intake to once or twice per week at most.

Dr. Kansal's Herbal Odorless Falvored Eggs Drinks :
Recipe for one liter drink

Material Required :
  • 4-6 Dr. Kansal's Herbal Odorless eggs.
  • Flavored concentrate of Litchi/Mango/Orange etc.........(4-6 Spoons).
  • 4-6 Tea spoon of Sugar/Sharbat concentrate.
  • Warm water half liter (65-75 C).
  • Cold Water 6 Ice Cubes.

Procedure :
  • Break 4-6 eggs in one pot.
  • Mix well the white & yolks with egg beater.
  • Mix sugar/sharbat concentrate as per need for 1 liter of drink.
  • Put half liter warm water and mix the contents very well
  • Mix ¼ liter of cold water later on.
  • Strain the mixed contents in to another pot with tea strainer.
  • Mix 5-6 Spoons of any flavored concentrate.
  • Put ice cubes or keep in refrigerator; the drink will be ready for service.

Nutrients Supplied by one Egg & One Cup of Milk

Nutrients One Egg One Cup Milk (125 ml)
Protein (g) 6.6 4.1
Calories (Kcal) 80 80
Iron (mg) 21.5 2.5
Vit. D3 (IU) 50 0.38
Linoleic acid (g) 0.9 0.25
Cholesterol (mg) 200 200
Lysine (g) 0.48 0.40
Methionine (g) 0.27 0.125
Vit. A (IU) 590 147
Vit. B1 (mg) 0.2 0.65
Sulphur (mg) 83 37
Zinc (mg) Zinc (mg) Zinc (mg)
Biological Value 96 84
Net Protein Utilization 91 75
Vegetarian families especially Children and ladies suffer from anemia, bone and Joint problems as the milk at today’s scenario is deficient in iron & vitamin D3.

More eggs should be consumed in summer season as the diet is deficient in good quality protein in summer season. It will be more useful, if eggs in the form of drinks are used as vitamin D3 is destroyed in boiled eggs & omlate etc.

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