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Beat the heat with Herbal Egg Drinks!

In winter season the egg consumption in northern Indian is almost four times as compared to summer season. the eggs are prepared in the form of omellete ,bhurji, egg pakora egg toast etc. In addition, there is a good consumption of dry fruits like almond, walnut, cashew nut, chilgozas, peanuts, and other sesame seeds preparations, sarson da saag with butter is also in great demand. People use winter clothes in winter in order to protect from winter season. Persons have to radiate more heat through radiations conduction and conventions. The atmospheric temperature remains between 2oC to 20oC. There are more cases of high blood pressure with higher cholesterol level in winter season near Diwali festival. In summer season people do not like consumption of eggs and they feel that the eggs are having a heating effect. Eggs are not having any heating effect in summer, but when oil is used in different preparations; there is a heating effect in the egg item due to oil. The body is not able to radiate more heat through radiations as the environmental temperature varies between 25oC to 47oC. The consumption of oil and oil products decreases. One tea spoon of oil produces heat equal to 2.5 tea spoons of sugar. The fruits which are available in the summer are like grapes, mangoes, melon, watermelon, litchis have high contents of sugar material, and there is a lot of consumption of cold drinks having high contents of sugar like cokes. There are a lot of consumptions of various items having more of carbohydrates. There is imbalance in our food habit in summers which leads to diseases like diabetes. The availability of milk and milk products also decrease in summer. The milk is deficient in iron trace mineral. As per WHO reports 70% of the women during pregnancy suffer from iron deficiency. 20% children upto 3 yrs of age also suffer from iron deficiency. The other alternatives of balancing the food in summer are eggs which are rich in high quality proteins, so it is suggested that the egg can be consumed after boiling with tomato ketchup /lemon. The herbal egg contains components of herbs like tulsi, amla, harard, bherda. These herbs are helpful to bear the stress of summer as well as these eggs are free from residues of antibiotics, insecticides, pesticides, alfatoxins( tested by TUV SUD South Asia Pvt. Ltd.), Salmonella and Coliform or any other bacteria( Tested by GADVASU, Ludhiana and Venky Lab Panchkula) which are the need of the day for better health programme. There is third alternative as Odourless herbal eggs have come in the market, people can prepare flavored cold egg drinks. The eggs are not having any heating effect in summer, but when oil is used in different preparations; there is a heating effect in the egg item.

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